MC offers rail system simulations based on OpenTrack©

OpenTrack supports the following kinds of tasks, which will give you the opportunity to optimise your system or take the correct decisions:

  • Determining the requirements for a railway network’s infrastructure
  • Analyzing the capacity of lines and stations
  • Calculation of minimum headways (headway calculation), e.g. using the OpenTrack tool Headway Calculator
  • Rolling stock studies (for example, future requirements)
  • Running time calculation
  • Timetable construction; analyzing the robustness of timetables (single or multiple simulation runs, Monte-Carlo simulation)
  • Evaluating and designing various signaling systems, such as discrete block systems, short blocks, moving blocks, LZB, CBTC (communication-based train control), ATP, ATO, ETCS Level 1, ETCS Level 2, ETCS Level 3 (see also: ERTMS), PTC (Positive Train Control)
  • Analyzing the effects of system failures (such as infrastructure or train failures) and delays
  • Calculation of power and energy consumption of train services
  • Simulation of railway power supply systems (using OpenPowerNet)

OpenTrack allows to model, simulate and analyze the following types of rail systems:

Our MC rail infrastructure and operations experts will analyse results and prepare suggestions for improvements which will help you to reduce infrastructure construction/maintenance cost or improve the quality of your operation!