In Brief

T&DS provides consulting, design and simulation services in the infrastructure and transport business. Our services range from conceptual studies to implementation – with the objective of realizing sustainable solutions professionally.

Holder of three official company licences approved by the Ministry of Construction, Transport, and Infrastructure of Serbia:

P131S1 Traffic and traffic
signalling projects for state
roads of the first and second
order, road facilities and traffic
connections to these roads and
border crossings

P141S1 Traffic and traffic
signalling projects for public
railway infrastructure with

P144S1 Traffic and traffic
signalling projects for metros



Our success is based on our independence of third-parties’ interests.

T&DS experts are capable of working with software Opentrack©, Treno©, ArcGIS©, AutoDesk AutoCAD©, Minitab©, SPSS©, Visum©, Vissim© and EMME©

T&DS has international work experience and extensive expertise.


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