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LIG Varshets

The association of “LIG Varshets” is established under the model of the EU initiative for rural regions development “Leader+” in 2004. The aim of the “Leader+” is to encourage and support active persons in
rural regions to have in mind the long- term prospective of the region. The strive is to encourage the implementation of integrated, qualitative and original strategies for sustainable development directed towards:



- saving the natural and cultural heritage,
- strengthening the economic environment in order to contribute for establishing places of work;
- improving the organizational abilities of the community.
The main objective of the LIG is to mobilize the local potential and resources of development by attracting the local community towards strategies development and implementation of projects. The authorities of the LIG will become stronger, as it will solve local daily problems occurred, such as protection from the monopoly of the middlemen, assistance for put on the local market, assistance for applying under programs, lobbying in front of the local authorities. The role of the LIG is to be above all, civil and community development institution. The successful implementation of the project will increase the role of the civil society in the decision- making process, will enhance the capacity of the “Local Initiative Group Varshets” and will establish adequate mechanisms for dialogue between the local and regional authorities, the NGO sector and will establish a cross-border dialogue.

ОТK Sokobanja

Organization for Tourism, Culture and Sport, Sokobanja (OTKS) was founded by Sokobanja municipality as a public service and a non profit-making organization. Its primary activity is to encourage sustainable tourism development in the local community through the preservation of natural and cultural heritage and cultural identity of the people who live in the community, which has a direct impact on sustainable economic development. Through cooperation with state, regional, local institutions and NGOs, OTKS made a great contribution to the development of national and local strategies, such as the National Strategy of Tourism, Sokobanja - Master Developmant Plan for Tourist Destination, Local Economic Development Strategy. OTKS was with partners "LIG Varshets" - Varshets from Bulgaria successfully implemented the project "Culture and Balneology, sustainable tourism product", which is also financed from the EU budget, the IPA CBC programs.


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