Programme objectives


The main objective is to promote tourism in the border region, through the valorization of natural resources and modernization of existing infrastructure. The project aims to modernize the infrastructure and the regulation of ambient entirety, to create conditions for the placing of natural resources for the purpose of organizing exhibitions and promotion of natural heritage for future construction of a building on which it will be promotion Bulgarian and Serbian culture, for future positive cross-border collaboration. This will have an impact on increasing economic activity and social and economic development of the region, environmental protection, on both sides of the border. The project aim is through the increase the tourist traffic, improve good neighborly relations, social stability and stimulate economic growth, promote sustainable development of tourism in border regions, to intensify the existing cooperation and to establish new partnerships. The project will be the basis for supporting sustainable development, especially in culture, tradition, tourism and environment.
The overall project objective is to achieve sustainable development of border area through the creation of common tourist attractions and new products. Specific objectives are: to transform the cultural and natural heritage; to raise communication in the region on a higher collaborational level; to raise the tourist attractiveness and competitive advantage of the cross-border region; to make the main step in establishing new tourist products on both sides of the border. These are practical ways to attract new target groups of tourists and increase tourist revenues.

Target Groups

• Tourism and cultural organizations and institutions in the performing and Sokobanji
• Tourists with special interests
• Residents Sokobanje and performing living near Summer Stage " Spring" and Paleo - park in performing
• Experts in the field of ecology , biology , paleontology

Direct beneficiaries

• Organisation for Tourism and Culture Sokobanja
• Local Initiatives Group Varshets from Varshets

Final beneficiaries

• The residents of both municipalities
• Tourists both municipalities
• Tourist Information Centres both municipalities
• Municipal Administration of both municipalities
• Representatives of the tourism industry both municipalities : travel agencies , hotels , restaurants , commercial and service activities

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The project is co-funded by EU trough the Bulgaria–Serbia IPA Cross-border Programme.

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