Main activities


• The organization of the project team, and establishing of Project office for implementation of the project. Determining of procedures for monitoring and internal control of implementation of project activities.
• The public presentation of the project in front of local authorities and citizens and holding of press conference. Organization of working meeting to determine the resources and capacity for the future development of the tourist products after the completion of infrastructure.
• Making Project of land reorganization in block “Vrelo” . The project involves connecting four parcels into one in accordance with the Plan of detailed regulation of block " Vrelo" in Sokobanja, in order to create conditions for the development of the Urban project with architectural design for the Summer Stage.
• Development of Urban project for Paleo Park in Varshets. Following completion of the tender Local Initiative Group Varshets will choose the Agency for the design that will make a study and detailed design of "Creation of Paleontology Museum and Paleo - park in Varshets " a feasibility study and assess the impact on the environment in accordance with national law .
• Development of Urban project with the architectural design and 3D animation of the Summer Stage "Vrelo" in Sokobbanja, in accordance with the Plan of detailed regulation of location "Vrelo".
• Maintaining two press conferences in OTKS Sokobanja and Municipality of Varshets . Creation and making of brochures, posters, videos, t-shirts, caps, pens, roller banners, information packages. Broadcasting of promo spot in the local media , and information about the project in news programs .
• Closing project conference where the results achieved by implementation of the project and the chances for creation of sustainable cross-border tourism product will be presented.

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