Expected results of the project


Expected results of the project

• Made and conducted Land reorganization plan in Sokobanja in block "Vrelo"
• Finished Urbanistic project with the architectural plan for Summer stage in Sokobanja
• Finished Urbanistic project plan for Paleo Park in Varshets
• The approved location permits

Long-term impact of the project

Creating the technical project will establish conditions for building summer stage in the center of Sokobanja, in a place where there is an old theater, but it is an old and destroyed building, as also a construction - unique Palaeo-park in the center of Varshets . The whole both areas will be regulated - the nature and the surrounding area will be protected from degradation. Conditions for creation of new tourist products in future will be established, which will have a direct impact on the tourist traffic in the region and diversification of tourist products, thus has a multiplier effect on other industries and macroeconomic aggregates three to four times greater than direct effects. The project will also contribute for a greater impact on the promotion of tolerance diversity and highlighting similarities between the traditions, culture of different communities and countries, that will be contained by the new tourist product. Established good neighborly relations and united performances on the tourist market with sustainable utilization of its own natural resources it will make sufficiently attractive product for a wider market, a favorable business environment, increase employment and contribute to sustainable socio-economic development. The project bears in itself the multiplier effect for communities that decide - the "similarities and differences" are a tool to achieve an innovative joint European product.
Completing an urban project with an architectural plan of the Summer Stage in Sokobanja and a Palaeo-park in Vashets will create real conditions for the construction of thess facilities. The Stage will be for the maintenance of Ethno festival where will be performed various attractive programs and facilities that are to be designed for tourists. The Paleo-park in Varshets will be opened for visitors, where will be presented natural and cultural values between Serbia and Bulgaria, and will be the place for helding semi-finals competition, where the winners will participate in the festival in Sokobanja. The increased tourist traffic and attractive new cultural facilities will be renewable resources for the Festival in repeatable annual cycle. The innovative tourist products that are initiating by Varshets and Sokobanja - Ethno festival "Similarities and Differences To Connect Us" will become an attractive tourist regional event, which will join in the organization others cultural institutions in the region. At the same time, during the project implementation the organizations will strengthen human resource capacities in project cycle management on both sides, especially in cross-border cooperation and cultural exchanges.


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