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The project involves the development of technical documentation for the construction of the Summer Stage "Vrelo" in Sokobanja and includes the following activities: creation of Land reorganization plan (allotment project) in block Vrelo in Sokobanja and creation of Urban project with architectural design for summer stage “Vrelo”, and the mentioned activities are implemented by the Organization for Tourism and Culture Sokobanja. It also includes the Urban Project for the construction of Paleo-park in Varshets, a feasibility study and the study of environmental impact, and activities on the development of the mentioned project and studies are conducted by LIG Varshets from Bulgaria.

Description of the summer stage

Summer Stage "Vrelo" is the place where cultural and entertainment events are organized, during the summer period. In the pre-war period there was a small lake in this area, where the visitors enjoyed in boat rides. “Vrelo” was the main meeting place for high society, famous writers, actors and intellectuals. In the later period, the lake was drained, and the Summer stage "Vrelo" was built in 1961. The existing building is made of stone and concrete, with surface about 200 m² and capacity of 1500 seats (wooden benches) and 2,500 standing places.

Planned look of the new summer stage

The new designed stage will provide physical and technical conditions – possibilities for organizing the events for greater number of viewers - concerts, music events, festivals, performances etc...
The future stage will be surrounded by small water areas, which will serve as an ice rink in the winter period.
Construction of public fountain is planned, as a symbol of preserving the natural environment around the spring, which will provide an opportunity for drinking water at the source, in an urban environment.
The area around the stage will be improved with certain equipement, in order to become attractive for recreation and relaxation in nature (such as play equipment, benches, tables, summer pavilions).
Summer Stage „Vrelo“ is one of the most valuable cultural, historical and tourist complexes in Sokobanja, and its complete reconstruction will significantly contribute to improving the cultural, entertainment and tourist attractions and Cultural summer of Sokobanja.

Basic needs and benefits of the project

The main needs are: intensifying cross-border cooperation within cross-border region, permanent exchange of knowledge, implementation of cultural activities,acquaintance and acceptance of differences and similarities, reduction of excessive unemployment through increasing the area's tourists attractiveness, creation of new integrated products, to increase of tourist traffic, to reduce the high unemployment rates through establishment of favorable business environment.The strenghts are the already established good cooperation between Varshets and Sokobanja, which guarantees the creation of joint cross-border tourist products based on cultural heritage and traditions of the cross-border region. This unique joint product will have a positive impact over the tourist flow on both sides of the border, making future products for the cultivation and preservation of tradition in terms of sustainable tourism and economic development in an ordered and preserved natural setting. The unique utilization of existing natural and anthropological resources (Palaeo-park in Varshest, and a park Borici - where the stage is to be set ) between the two cross-border regions with the implementation of European policy experiences will increase opportunities for job creation and improve the business environment. The existing old summer stage in Sokobanja, has a long tradition in the maintenance and carrying out of cultural events.

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The project is co-funded by EU trough the Bulgaria–Serbia IPA Cross-border Programme.

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